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Exosome gene therapy

L’epigene MD Corporate research Institute is developing the exosome gene treatment by researching exosome expertly, and adapting the application of advanced cell techology such restructure of cell division incubation to use selected optimal exosome depends on the target disease.

Exosomes – New Paradigm & Next Generation Biomaterials

Exosome is an endoplasmic reticulum which is existing in all body fluid such as blood, saliva, hydrops abdominis or urine, that can be created by all types of cells by tens or handreds nanometer. It includes mRNA, miRAN, DNA that are called as exosome Cargo in the inside of exosome.

It is known that its signalization element is differently controlled by environment of a secreting cell and is specific to types of cell. It is known as a signalization carrier that controls the signal includes activation of target cell, proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis, necrosis by the signal from dynamic cell signal delivered by that.

Exosomes Effects

  • It recently spotlighted as a biomarker(an indicator shows symptoms of disease), it has relatively low possibility of side effects of immunity or toxicity as it is greatly degradable and biocompatible, and it has been researched as a treatment as it is highly applicable as a drug carrier due to the directivity towards to the specific cell.

Exoshield from L’epigene MD is a better developed treatment than cell-treatment, which is safe and can show its effectiveness as a potentially favourable treatment.
  • Exoshield developed by Corporate Research Institute of L’epigene MD restrains creation of cancer to impact on metastasis or growth of cancer by controlling Tumor. Microenvirionment(TME), and a treatment developed as a carrier of drug and nucleic acid compounds using natrual delivery capability from exosome itself. 
    We are aiming to develop the treatment that minimize a cell death of normal cell to control immune system and lessen the side-effects from immunological issues.
  • L’epigene MD is researching and developing to develop a better treatment by improving and developing the transferred techology from domestic and global public institutes, and expected to have results of effective synerge between the original technology of L’epigene MD.