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ExoLite platform

  • A examination method is an in vitro diagnostic assay method to measure ~ with multi-biomarker, able to checkup the prognosis, is different prediction method to conventional gene assay.
  • RNA that researching in L’epigene MD is an intracellular substance which is involved with deliver of genome, movement of Amino Acid, synthetic the protein.
  • A micro RNA (miRNA), a type of the RNA, is a tiny fragment substace that plays a role of controlling the synthetic protein. It also acts a core control substance for inherent immunity and adaptive immunity, such as a differentitation of inherent immunity, control on growth or maintenance of immune precursor cell.
  • Due to the Ranase that degrades RNA is existing in blood with a great volume, a common RNA gene test has risks of inaccuracy. However, RNA in exosome is able to exist in blood, due to it is protected with double-layered lipid membrance. It has great advantages that the assured result of analysis and high reproducibility.

Exo Lite Technology

  • Blood exsanguination

  • Exosome miRNA isolation

  • PCR test

  • Result analysis