ABOUT US Past, present & the next frontier

Mission & Vision

LepigeneMD identifies and further advances therapeutic solutions that have the potential
to change the lives of thousands of patients worldwide

  • First
  • Global
  • Challenge
  • Initiative
  • Mission 1.

    • Our mission is to ensure patients
      with unmet clinical needs have access to safe
      and effective exosome gene therapies.
  • Mission 2.

    • Our mission is to provide
      quality treatments and exceed
      patient expectations.
  • Mission 3.

    • Our mission is to be a leading bio-tech
      providing innovative exosome gene therapy
      products and solutions for high unmet
      medical needs in the fields of various diseases.

We put all our efforts into developing and delivering first-in-class therapies.

We know that every second counts for patients, this is what drives us in our work every day