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  • L’epigene MD has been established in 2018, endeavoured inventively on immunocyte exosome gene fusion technology soley in Korea. Furthermore, we are striving to develop on a systematic technology for monitoring disease and its treatment to take an outstading leap forward with upcoming future.
  • L’epigene MD is a world’s first professional exosome gene treatment developmemt biotech with a Drug Delivery System Technology (DDS Technology) loaded with our own corporate exosome inner micro RNA, based on that, we are developing in vitro diagnostic assay kit and its treatment. We are playing a roel of a pioneer in the Biology-business field of cooperation reseatch development with a domestic organizations as well as eminent colleagues and organisation overseas.
  • We, L’epigene MD, are aiming to take an initiating role in global biology-business field as well as domestically, with a harmonization of our original technology, research, and professional experties.
  • 2019.10

    • Establish a GMP manufacuting facilities and relocate a Corporate Research Institute
  • 2019.6

    • Signed an agreement with 'Kyungpook National University' for technology transfer
  • 2019.4

    • Obtained a certification on Venture company (No. 20190104271)
      Signed an agreement with 'Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology' for technology transfer and cooperative research
      Signed an agreement with 'Incheon National university Bioengineering Major' for cooperative research
      Signed an agreement with 'Konkuk University' for technology transfer
  • 2018.12

    • Signed an agreement with 'Seoul National University Hospital' for cooperative research
  • 2018.11

    • Obtained a certification on Corporate Research Institute
      (No. 2018115313)
  • 2018.9

    • Established L’epigene MD co., Ltd